MARCHIO_ITA_COLMollificio Costanzino policy establishes the general objectives to reach and the best way to reach them, according to external needs (improvement of the professional service in its own product and production, customer satisfaction, socio-economics needs) but also according to internal needs ( satisfaction of internal customer, decrease of non-conformities).

For this purpose, we intend, within applicable laws, to work according to a Quality-Security System of Management in accordance with the current regulations.

The objectives, clearly defined, are:

  • Requisites satisfaction (required by the customer and indispensable to observe services’ requisites);
  • Continuous improvement of the efficacy of the management system;
  • Prices reducing, with the elimination of internal non-conformities and of all that are generated by external service providers;
  • To make the resources responsible individually by valuing the work carried out both by the responsables and theirs collaborators;
  • To control constantly all the risks that are highlighted in the risk assessment document;
  • To safeguard the environment and to prevent pollution;
  • To give the same prominence to quality and services as well as to the managments aspects of the company and to the customer’s requirement.

Against the above-mentioned objectives, the organisation has identified and defined the task to achieve them in term of instruments, modalities, resources and soon.

The instruments to achieve all these objectives are:

  • To maintain all the opportunes procedures of Internal Auditing obtained by preventing or remove promptly dissimilarities in connection with the service’s characteristics and with times and costs planned with the customer;
  • The vocational training conducted by completing quality and services with all the other components and in particular the responsability;
  • Certification ISO 9001,OHSAS 18001: these are the current regulations for the organisation;
  • The Organisation: it defines the organogram and the organisational objectives of all functions.

The instruments identified as necessaries to the achievement of the objectives affect the whole organisation in a business integrated vision and a correct equilibrium, with all the aspects that are involved to define the strategies of the company.